Cut down on unnecessary hardware costs
by using the video stream that fits your needs best
Although the Recording Server is programmed to record a high-resolution stream, Multi-Streaming in XProtect Expert and Corporate allows the use of multiple streams in various resolutions.

Adaptive Streaming makes it possible to receive a lower resolution stream from the recording server when a high resolution one is not required, for example when displaying video in the Smart Client or Smart Wall in a window size smaller than full screen.
With Search you can:
  • Better use of bandwidth that can then be utilized for other needs in the organization

What results can you expect?

We measured the impact that the Adaptive Streaming feature has on the CPU load and number of streams viewed in the Smart Client before experiencing a drop, in frames per second (FPS) for different streams in various resolutions.

In order to reflect the Adaptive Streaming feature’s impact in the purest way possible, the numbers in the below graphs we derived without the use of any additional GPUs (hardware acceleration).

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