Other System Improvements

Zoom in on a few more improvements
we made this release

Two-way audio playback in the Web and Mobile clients allowing XProtect users to listen to audio playback directly from the Web or Mobile clients

Web Client improvements that make the user experience more intuitive in investigation mode e.g. when adding/removing a camera, switching to full screen etc.

Mobile Client improvements for better usability and visual experience in low connectivity conditions

Updated XProtect Mobile support policy

We have updated our mobile client support policy to support the last five and three versions of Android and iOS respectively for each release going forward.XProtect Mobile 2019 R3 will be supported in versions 9,8,7,6,5 for Android and in versions 12,11,10 for iOS
  • Existing XProtect Mobile users experience no change
  • New XProtect Mobile users have to update their OS to one of the supported versions prior to downloading the XProtect Mobile app

H. 265 video decoding software decoding is now possible for users who can’t use hardware acceleration

NVIDIA toolkit update use the latest NVIDIA device drivers to enjoy best performance

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