Get control over

A new notification manager lets you customize when and how you want to receive Milestone Care renewal reminders and system health errors notifications.
We know it can be hard to keep track of notices on Care expiration when you have a lot of licenses to manage. In our new notification manager in the Customer Dashboard, resellers and system integrators can choose to receive Care license expiration notifications as a digest report email – categorized per customer or urgency.

So it’s easy to see which licenses, or customers should be handled first.
System health
The “create error reports” function has now been grouped together with the other notifications in Customer Dashboards – so you can easily determine how, when, and how often you want to receive these notifications.”

Features of the
center include:

Filter options for notification type, like Care renewal reminders or error notices.
Control over who receives which notifications and adjust the system to their time zones. Now, users can assign notifications to others, rather than just themselves.
Frequency controls that let you choose how often you need to be reminded – and when.

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