Other System Improvements

Zoom in on a few more improvements
we made this release

Recording and
Motion indicators

Update for all three clients (Mobile, Web, SC) with new user friendly and recognizable icons that are consistent across all clients

Settings in
Mobile Client

Settings screen has been updated with refreshed UI 

Aligned on both iOS and Android clients. 

All Video Push specific settings have been moved to their own screen accessible directly from the Video Push screen.


Update HW in Configuration API

Scheduled password changes:

- In the rule setting for recurring password change, it is possible to select the hardware devices which the "Scheduled password change" rule action applies for

- Events related to scheduled password change are now added in Alarm definitions. This way, an alarm could be triggered on schedule password start/stop.

Scripting support

JavaScript support in the Smart Client now controlled
by a Management Client setting. 

By default disabled and must actively be enabled by the administrator.

Mobile client support

iOS 11, 12, 13

Android 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Mobile devices with iOS 10 and Android 5 are no longer officially supported by Milestone