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Advanced video
processing using GStreamer

The MIP SDK in the XProtect VMS has been extended with a Video Processing Service driver, and a toolkit and sample code for building a Video Processing Service using the Gstreamer framework. This is a new and more flexible way of enabling AI, video analytics and machine learning in conjunction with XProtect VMS.
This enables Milestone Systems Technology Partners to create advanced and efficient hardware accelerated video processing integrations utilizing the newest video processing technologies and embracing industry standards – as Gstreamer is also the foundation for the leading players in video processing.

How it works

Specifically, the XProtect VMS and MIP SDK have been extended with a ‘Video Processing Service’ driver, and a toolkit and sample code for building a Video Processing Service that can load the GStreamer libraries and configure the source and sink functions. Furthermore, the MIP SDK’s Video Processing Service driver also supports that the outcome of the video processing done in the GStreamer framework optionally can be returned to the XProtect VMS as a modified video stream and/or metadata stream.
This could for instance be a video stream where the brightness, contrast or colors have been enhanced, objects have been blurred or masked out, or the video simply have been transcoded to another video codec, resolution, framerate or bitrate. The separate metadata stream can for instance contain information about the detected objects or other information delivered by the 3rd party application.

For video processing integrations that do not use the GStreamer framework, the MIP SDK furthermore contain documentation and samples for building an ASP.NET Core based video processing service.

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