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Search is now even better with new Search categories and improved geographical awareness.

New Search categories based on ONVIF-compliant metadata

Video surveillance teams often need to find specific video clips at a moment’s notice. With the existing centralized Search framework and the addition of three new Search categories in XProtect VMS, that’s now easier than ever.

With the 2020 R2 release, users can search through ONVIF-compliant metadata with three new categories: people, vehicles, and locations. With these new categories, users can optimize and target their searches and home in on the information and video they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

This feature supports all devices that export metadata in the ONVIF Analytics Specification-compliant format, for example drivers for partners like Axis and Bosch and not only ONVIF-driver devices. The support for ONVIF-compliant metadata Search is a natural continuation of our effort towards making searching and finding video as easy and intelligent as possible. The centralized Search framework, which was released last year, aggregates all data types registered in the XProtect VMS and puts them in one place to make finding a specific incident or video sequence easier and smarter.
Ideal for
Security operators
Whether it’s for routine reviews or live investigations, it’s important to find the most relevant evidence as quickly as possible. Take an average logistics center, for example. With the new centralized Search categories, security operators can quickly identify vehicles that are driving too fast or operating in restricted areas. The result is a more efficient investigation and a safer operation overall.

The ONVIF-compliant metadata Search is available for XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.
Centralized Search already allows you to:
  • Search and find video sequences, alarms, events, bookmarks and Access Control - all in just one place
  • Search and find data types from technology-partner solutions that are integrated with Search. See the partners
  • Find specific vehicles using License Plate Recognition (LPR) and speed up investigations with a drastically more efficient Search tool

Works out of the box

The three new Search categories will appear in the Search tab in the XProtect Smart Client once enabled in the XProtect Management Client.

Please note that XProtect relies fully on the video analytics coming from the connected devices to deliver the Search results.

Supported devices must generate ONVIF-compliant metadata for the following scene elements and their descriptors:

People:  Age, gender, height and face
Vehicles: Color, license plate, type and speed
Location: Manually enter (or copy paste) GPS coordinates

As an example, XProtect 2020 R2 supports specific devices from Axis and Bosch. Please visit the individual manufacturers' website for more information on supported camera models and countries.

See for yourself

Let our Senior Product Owner, Roxana Diaconu, show you how to set up and work with the three new Search categories in XProtect, so you can take advantage of the new capabilities the minute the 2020 R2 release becomes available.
Roxana Cristina Diaconu
Senior Product Owner
Milestone Systems

Geographical awareness of Search results

To assist the operator in understanding where the Search result was recorded, the 2020 R2 release also includes the possibility to visualize the location of the Search results. This gives the operator an instant and visual overview of the location of the potentiel incident.

This feature is available for XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate

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