XProtect Smart Client performance improvements

An uptake 4k and 360-degree cameras has meant an increase in requirements for components handling and processing  high-resolution video streams. In the 2020 R2 version of the XProtect Smart Client*, we will introduce significant performance improvements to meet these needs.
*Requires that the PC running the Smart Client has Nvidia graphic cards and an Intel Quick Sync CPU installed.

We are introducing a new way of rendering video in the XProtect Smart Client using the DirectX11 technology. This has resulted in substantial improvements of the Smart client including: 

• A more responsive and fluent experience when changing views

• A smooth experience and sustained high FPS when doing digital zooming in high-resolution cameras

• A less load on the CPU and hardware, freeing up resources on the computer running the Smart Client
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What results can you expect?

With the Direct Streaming technology, a significantly increased performance is achieved when comparing XProtect 2020 R2 with previous XProtect versions.
Current Scenario
With the current transcoding method of processing video XProtect was able to achievean average of 14 video streams playing at 20 frames per second (FPS) across allactive XProtect Clients. In real life, this would allow up to 14 client devicesto display a single video stream at the same time, before a drop in the videoquality is identified
Mixed Technology Scenario
With the inclusion of Direct Streaming method to handle Live Video Streaming,XProtect can increase this number 8 times! Now you can easily connect more than100 client devices displaying a single stream at the same time, whilemaintaining the same high video quality.
Testing was performed on a PC withthe following hardware configuration:
  • CPU– 1 x Intel ® Xeon Silver 4208 2.10Ghz. 8 Cores/16 Threads
  • GPU– N/A•RAM– 2 x RDIMM 8GB DDR4 2666MT/s
  • Networkcard - 2x 10 Gbit NIC – Management network and Recording server
  • OS- Windows Server 2019 Standard