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Gain peace of mind, flexibility, and security with straightforward password configuration, more device options, and new device packs.

A better way to configure device credentials

Some leading camera manufacturers are hardening their systems by preventing users from connecting devices with default credentials. This is great for cybersecurity, but not practical if you have multiple cameras to connect to your system.
To help operators stay secure and efficient, we added a new feature that allows users of relevant devices (from e.g., Axis, BOSCH, Hanwha and Avigilon) to configure the initial usernames and passwords directly from the “add hardware” dialogue box in the XProtect Management Client.
    Product compatibility
    This feature will be available in XProtect Essential+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.

    Expanding our community

    Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. We stay on top of new developments from our 3,500+ partners with regular releases of Device Packs and new firmware versions.
    We continue to grow our community and the number of supported devices and R3 is no exception. Since R2, we have added support for 566 new devices, bringing the total of supported devices to 9,768. We also added new firmware for 539 already-supported devices.

    New Support includes:
    Device pack 11.0
    Release date: June 25, 2020
    • Axis
      • Support for speakers C1410 & C1310-E and cameras Q9216-SLV & Q6075-S
      • Support for the highest resolution set as default
      • Support for latest firmware version: 9.80
    • Hanwha
      • Support for new firmware on all Hanwha P&Q models
      • Support for 2M mobile network cameras
      • Support for Q box 5M & 2M
    • Vivotek
      • Support for Smart Track event for Vivotek (autotracking of a moving person or vehicle)
    • Hikvision
      • Support for the SD card error event
      • Support for the H264+ and H265+ proprietary Hikvision Generic codecs
    Device pack 11.1
    RELEase date: 20th August 2020
    • Axis
      • Support for multidirectional four-lens camera Q6010-E
      • Support for radar D2110-VE
      • Support for cameras designed for surveillance onboard vehicles P3925-R & P3935-LR
    • Hanwha
        • Support for Wisenet 7 series 4K/6M models
      • Panasonic
          • Support for new Edge AI device
        • Bosch
            • Support for new firmware Bosch 7.70
          Two partners have developed their own integrations using our new MIP Driver Framework:
          Axis Body Worn
          Axis recently released their Body Worn integration for XProtect utilizing the MIP Driver framework. This driver is not part of the Device Pack. It can be downloaded separately from Milestone Marketplace. The devices (System Control Unit and cameras) are listed on the Supported Devices Page.
          Milestone technology partner GJD recently release their own drivers for devices like Input Output Controller, White Light and IR LED Illuminators, and External IP Motion Detectors. These devices are listed on the Supported Devices page. The drivers are available to download from Milestone Marketplace. For more information see:
          Product compatibility
          Available in XProtect Essential+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.

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