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Looking to upgrade your XProtect?

Try the new XProtect comparison tools to see how an upgrade will improve your system.

Build without barriers

Gain peace of mind, flexibility, and security with straightforward password configuration, unlimited drivers, and new device packs.
As technology is continuously advancing, it can be challenging to keep up with all the innovations, improvements, and products that Milestone brings to the market. That is why, we are excited to bring you two new digitalized comparison tools, each serving different scenarios and use cases that will help you work smarter. 

Meet XProtect Version Comparison Tool

Three times a year, we update the entire XProtect product suite with new features, capabilities and improvements. Do you want to see the benefits of updating your current XProtect version to the latest?

Try the Version Comparison Tool to quickly get an overview of what’s new compared to an older XProtect version.

Meet XProtect Product Comparison Tool

For those that have struggled to crawl through the XProtect comparison chart and aggregate all the features to compare the products; It's finally here!

The XProtect Product Comparison Tool is simple, easy to use, and highlights product differences so that you can be a product expert in no time.

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