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All-new encryption modules provide safer and more secure data protection. In accordance with US government computer security standards, XProtect® 2020 R3 can operate in a FIPS 140-2 compliant mode.
Media, license information, user credentials, and other sensitive data are a standard part of any surveillance system. Protecting that data is key to maintaining video authenticity, personal privacy, and adequate cybersecurity measures. Now, XProtect takes security to the next level with highly secure encryption methods available.

Encryption involves encoding information so that it is only readable to those who have permission to access it. Senders and receivers can see encrypted information via keys that grant access to the data.  There are many forms of encryption available, with efficacy based on the encryption algorithm’s complexity level.

XProtect 2020 R3 includes Cryptography New Generation (CNG) - the latest encryption provided by Microsoft. This next-level encryption adheres to the newest security technologies available in the market today, so you can rest assure your user information is protected and encrypted at all times.
Making these security and data protection developments, allows XProtect to operate in accordance with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2. FIPS 140-2 is a US government computer security standard specifying the most secure cryptography encryption modules approved to be used in federal solutions across the United States and Canada. All software solutions deployed in US government and regulated industries like healthcare and finance must comply with this standard. For added security, XProtect admins can provide a system password that protects access to the system configuration.
Product Compatibility
This feature will be available in XProtect Essential+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.

5 Benefits of next-level encryption

XProtect’s new encryption technology and password-protected configuration combine to create a safer and more secure system.
1. Stronger data protection
2. Increased cybersecurity
3. Evidence authenticity
4. Password-protected configuration
5. FIPS 140-2 compliant mode enabled

Configure all security certificates in one place

Our Server Configurator Utility is now available for the Mobile Server!
XProtect uses security certificates to validate the identity, authenticity, and reliability of the system servers installed locally. Now, we’re taking that capability on-the-go with the ability to handle security certificates on the Mobile Server – all from one place.
Product compatibility
Available in XProtect Essential+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.

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