Increase ease of use, flexibility, and security with updated firmware from XProtect, raised number of supported channels, and new device packs.

Reduce Maintenance time by updating firmware in XProtect

Regular firmware updates are an integral part of keeping installations safe and well-functioning. But executing these updates is a tedious task. In this release, we help operators gain back precious time with the ability to update firmware directly in XProtect.

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Now, system administrators with supported device brands* can complete updates from a single user interface, saving time and energy. Bulk updates for devices in XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert are also possible.

*This feature supports devices from AXIS, Bosch and Hanwha. It also supports devices connected through the ONVIF driver.

Product Compatibility
Available in XProtect Essential+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.

Raising the number of supported driver channels

With Milestone, security professionals already have a wide range of integration options. Now, this flexibility is extended to include integrations for more multi-channel devices such as encoders and NVRs with more than 16 channels or large-scale body worn systems.

The cap on supported channels has skyrocketed to 512, giving professionals more freedom of choice. This is a vast improvement from the 16-channel limit for ONVIF and the 64-channel limit for the Universal Driver.
Partners building their own integrations with the Milestone Driver API/SDK, can now enjoy complete freedom, going from a 1-channel limit support for an unlimited number of channels.

ONVIF/ Dedicated driver
Driver API/SDK
Universal driver
Licensing before 2021 R1
Max 16 channels
Max 1 channels
Max 64 channels
Licensing from 2021 R1
512 channels supported
Unrestricted number of channels supported
512 channels supported

Product compatibility

Available in XProtect Essential+, Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate.

Even more supported devices

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. We stay on top of new developments from our 200+ Device Partners with regular releases of Device Packs and new firmware versions.
We continue to grow our community and the number of supported devices. Since R3, we have added support for 400+ new devices, bringing the total of supported devices to 10,422. We have also released two legacy device packs (2.0 & 2.1a) and we now offer support for the first "OSSA"- driven device from Bosch.

New Support includes:
Device Pack 11.4
Release date: FEBRUARY 12, 2021
  • Axis
  • Support for a wide array of new devices, including : 
    • V5925 - for broadcasting and conferences
    • I8016-LVE– a new network video intercom
    • Q8752-E – a thermal and visual camera in one designed for perimeter and border surveillance
    • P3255-LVE – a dome camera with dual chipset designed for the deep learning and AI analytics and for support of 3rd party analytics applications
    • Q6135-LE – a high speed PTZ camera with optimized IR support and support for AOA
  • Bosch
    • Implemented resolution mapping in Bosch drivers 
  • Hanwha
    • Implemented support for IR Ledlight for Hanwha XNF-9010RV
Device Pack 11.5
Release date: APRIL 22, 2021
  • Axis
    • New generic driver for Axis replacing all the existing non-legacy Axis drivers (except for the One Click driver).
    • Support for six new devices: M3077-PLVE, M3057-PLVE, MK II, P3925-LRE, Q6075-SE, Excam XPT Q6075 and XP40 – Q1785
  • Bosch
      • Support for Bosch’s new series of cameras, INTEOX. INTEOX are are the first “Driven by OSSA” devices from Bosch – and the first  OSSA devices supported by Milestone. 
    • Hanwha
        • Events support for Hanwha TNM-3620TDY
      • Hikvision
          • Support for SRTP in HikVision Generic driver
        • Mobotix
            • Support for the following M7 platform group of events: meta events, message events, image analysis events, environment events. 
          • Panasonic
              • Support for AI VMD

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