Other improvements

Adding more flexibility in our licensensing model and simplifying the license use for afilliated companies. And finally,  extended support for 360 degree cameras. ​


Reduce license administration with XProtect Corporate, XProtect Expert, and XProtect Professional+ 2021 R1

As business grows, enterprises that consist of several affiliated companies sometimes need to administrate and manage hundreds of Software License Codes (SLCs) for their XProtect VMS. The End User License Agreement (EULA) for XProtect 2021 R1 simplifies the license administration for such affiliated companies. It allows the user of XProtect VMS product (XProtect Corporate, XProtect Expert, and XProtect Professional+) to grant access to and permit the use of the product by its affiliated companies. This means that a single SLC can be used to deploy XProtect VMS across several affiliated companies, where each deployment gets its share of the total number of purchased device licenses.

The end-user of XProtect VMS product, the licensee, remains fully responsible for the affiliated companies’ access and use of the XProtect VMS product in compliance with the Milestone EULA.

Who can benefit from this change?

You can benefit from this change if you and the other company in mind are ‘affiliated companies’:

  • You control* the company (e.g., you and your subsidiaries)
  • You are controlled* by the company (e.g., you and your parent company)
  • You are under common control* (e.g., you and your sister company if controlled by the same parent company)

None-affiliated companies, such as franchisor and franchisee, cannot benefit from this change.  

* “Control” shall mean the ownership of more than fifty percent of the voting securities entitling to the right to elect or appoint the majority of the board of directors, or a similar managing authority.

Affected products
This change applies to Milestone XProtect video management products that are multi server enabled: XProtect Corporate, XProtect Expert and XProtect Professional+, and XProtect Add-on products used together with these VMS products.
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affiliated companies
Benefit from

Simpler license administration
Savings on base license cost
Easy tracking of fewer SLCs
for multiple customers

Improved licensing model

The required number of device licenses will now be determined by the number of enabled channels. This ensures the correct number of licenses are issued and provides more flexibility in the licensing model.

With the improved licensing model, resellers can:
  • Deploy encoders and NVRs with 16+ channels
  • Connect a third-party VMS with 64+ channels
  • Provide better support for body-worn camera systems
  • Enable partners to develop drivers with any number of channels
See how many licenses each device requires on the Milestone Supported Device List.

Log in to your MyMilestone portal for more information.
Product compatibility
This feature is available in: XProtect Essential+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.

Get the best overview with 360-degree video

Expanded 360-degree camera support provides increased flexibility and more compatible devices.

With this update, we made it possible to configure the adjustment of each camera’s field of view (FOV) to optimize the dewarping algorithm and allow XProtect to support dewarping in even more 360-degree cameras.  

A new view layout control plug-in also allows for improved management of how the dewarped images are displayed in the XProtect Smart Client. The new plug-in is called Milestone XProtect 360º Split View Plugin and is available on Milestone Marketplace.

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