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Stronger compliance for General Data Protection Regulation

As the focus on privacy and data protection grows around the world, so does the importance of compliance and certification of VMS products. Amongst the various standards and regulations that XProtect is compliant with, GDPR took center stage recently with a strong focus across EU member states.
In 2019 Milestone introduced its first GDPR-ready product version of XProtect Corporate which obtained the European Privacy Seal, generated by EuroPriSe. As a strong advocate of responsible use of technology, we are committed to providing our customers with the best video solutions while protecting people’s privacy and data. In the first release of 2021, we are excited to introduce an expanded certification of the European Privacy Seal. This expanded certification includes even more functions that are now certified for a truly comprehensive GDPR-ready operation with XProtect.

The 2021 R1 version of XProtect Corporate, includes a new and expanded EuroPrise privacy seal that covers XProtect’s Basic User, Mobile Server, Mobile Client, and Web Client on top of all the functions covered previously in our 2019 seal.


The European Privacy Seal for XProtect Corporate 2021 R1 was obtained based on an expanded scope of functions certified by EuroPriSe

Functions  certified in 2019
Smart Client
Management Client
Management Server
Recording Server
Event Server
Log Server
OAuth Authorization Server
Media database
Service channel
Data collector
Functions  added in 2021
Basic User
Mobile Server
XProtect Mobile Client
XProtect Web Client

About EuroPriSe

As in 2019, the new and expanded certification was done by the independent and recognized institute EuroPriSe funded by the European Commission. It is important to mention that no GDPR certifier is EU-approved to offer an official GDPR certification at this point. EuroPriSe follows the EU’s GDPR guidelines thoroughly and is committed to obtain its official approval once it becomes available.

VMS software certification is just one part of ensuring a GDPR-compliant video operation. Components such as external servers, devices, and solutions, as well as a company’s procedure for handling private data must also comply with GDPR regulation. Customers are advised to follow Milestone’s Guides and the information provided by the EU’s data protection board to ensure compliance.

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