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Taking Smart Map to the next level with significant enhancements, that make the offering more complete and easier to use​.

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See the whole picture with Smart Map

Stay aware of your surroundings.
Identify areas of concern.
Act instantly.

The life of a security operator is rarely straightforward. Guaranteeing the safety and security of people, premises and assets takes total awareness and the ability to react fast. It requires them to be always on top of everything.

Large-scale video operations often span multiple geographical sites and feature thousands of cameras, sensors, audio devices, doors, and other input devices.
Getting a complete overview of a large security installation is no easy task.

With Smart Map, we not only make it possible, we also make your job easier too.

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Meet Smart Map in XProtect

Smart Map is a map function embedded in the XProtect Smart Client. With its native support for GIS maps and CAD drawings, and support for online map services like Google Maps and Bing Maps, it visualizes the elements of a surveillance system with geographical, accurate, real-world imagery.

With Smart Map, operators can...

Visualize the VMS
It’s hard to remember where each camera is placed in installations that comprise thousands of cameras spread across multiple locations. With Smart Map, security officers get real-time visualizations of their unique installation with device icons displaying exact location, status, and field of view.
Gain situational awareness
Smart Map helps the operators see their entire operation
and quickly identify potential threats or emergencies.
Alarms are displayed directly on the map,
with live or recorded footage just a click away,
so they can take immediately action.
Navigate effortlessly
Smart Map allows operators to navigate easily
between different sites and locations via Quick Links
placed directly on the Smart Map. This functionality enables the operator
to navigate their operation, regardless of size, efficiently.

With XProtect 2021 R1,
you can do even more with Smart Map



We are taking Smart Map one step further by showing operators when and where alarms are triggered.

This improves situational awareness by displaying active alarms via a blinking red circle on the Smart Map and helps draw the operator's attention to potential incidents.


Add microphones

Operators can now also listen to audio from the location directly from the Smart Map and thereby reduce time to action.


Add input

Smart Map can now display and receive data from input devices such as door sensors and doorbells directly on the Smart Map providing the operator with an even better overview.


Get the best overview with device clustering

Smart Map’s new device clustering feature automatically groups map items for a better visual overview. This is especially useful for installations with many floors and multiple connected cameras and devices.

Clustering includes cameras and other devices for efficient navigation and visualization when zooming out.


EASY start-up with Milestone Map Service

Smart Map now includes an embedded Milestone Map Service. This map service comes on top of existing support for paid online map services like Google and Bing Maps.

Milestone Map Service works out of the box and offers the same functions and visual overviews as other supported online map services.

Product Compatibility
Smart Map, including the new features, is available in XProtect® Expert and XProtect® Corporate.
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