Video excellence

Minimize downtime for a continuous operation


Regardless of industry, everyone has come to expect reliable, available, and immediate technology services 24/7.

Recording servers are no exception. Crashing media databases, incorrect system shutdowns, or even misfortunate accidents can all lead to corrupted media files. Corrupted media files are files containing video and audio that were not written successfully to the disc, meaning video and audio that cannot be used. XProtect automatically checks of these issues and repairs corrupted files when necessary, however, rebuilding that data and starting-up the Recording Server takes time during which access to recordings might be limited.

XProtect 2021 R1 focuses on efficiency and supports a continuous operation by cutting down the Recording Server start-up and repair time by up to 50% so you can minimize downtime and return to work as quickly as possible.

Product compatibility

Shorter start-up and repair time will be available in XProtect® Essential+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate

XProtect’s Recording Server 2021 R1 provides you with

Shorter rebuild time

Shorten start-up and repair time by up to 50%

Continous operation

Minimize downtime and work continuously

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