2021 R2 in AWS Marketplace November 23rd

xprotect on AWS

Deploy XProtect® worldwide and scale with minimum hardware and maintenance

XProtect on AWS

Deploy systems globally and scale in minutes
Reduce initial investment and turn expenditures to predictable costs
Reduce risk of service disruptions and enjoy a continuous operation
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XProtect 2021 R2 available in AWS Marketplace November 23rd

Milestone XProtect Essential+

Essential+ version of XProtect 2021 R2 will replace the previous version in AWS Marketplace.
Optimized for easy deployment with virtual cameras for an instant product experience.

FREE! No license activation required.

Milestone XProtect BYOL

All XProtect 2021 R2 product variants utilizing native AWS services for optimized storage and transmission. The 2021 R2 version will be added to the previous version in AWS Marketplace.
A single EC2 installation that can be extended and customized. Requires a BYOL license.

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