XProtect® 2021 R2

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Welcome to XProtect 2021 R2​

Our second release of 2021 is here! With 2021 R2, you will get more out of your XProtect VMS. We are announcing the upcoming release of the XProtect Rapid REVIEW add-on - bringing strong forensic analytics capabilities into XProtect. You will benefit from great improvements to the user experience for remote users, a more stable recording server with shorter rebuild time, and more.

We have prepared this release publication, where you can find a detailed overview of what you will get in 2021 R2.


  • Expended Privacy Seal certification

Find what you’re looking for, fast!

  • COMING SOON! XProtect Rapid REVIEW - a new, easy to use, powerful add-on software solution that enables rapid review, search and analysis of video recordings.


  • Say goodbye to long startup times with a new stabler than ever Recording Server

User experience

  • XProtect Mobile – view groups
  • XProtect Mobile and XProtect Web Client – bookmarks
  • New camera icons in XProtect Smart Client

Xprotect on AWS

  • Deploy XProtect in AWS cloud
  • Free XProtect Essential+ in AWS Marketplace
  • Full XProtect BYOL in AWS Marketplace


  • New Eastern European Generic Country Module for XProtect LPR
  • H.265 support in Milestone Open Network Bridge
  • New Device Pack
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2021 R2 Product Compatibility

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