Other improvements

Optimized country coverage for XProtect LPR, improved integration via Milestone Open Network Bridge, and new device packs with even more devices supported.

New Eastern European Generic Country Module for XProtect® LPR Profiles

Reduce costs and get better system performance by covering nine countries* with one generic country module.

  • Reduce license costs – With nine countries in one module, this generic module requires only one XProtect License Plate Recognition (LPR) Country Module license. That means fewer individual country licenses to pay for.

  • Improve system performance – Keep active country modules low to boost server performance and make LPR more effective.

  • Refine your scope – Focus on what’s most relevant by covering a large set of license plates from multiple countries.

*The Eastern European Generic Country Module includes Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia.

Frictionless integration for video streams in H.265

Export and share video from Milestone XProtect to any external VMS or IP video surveillance product with Milestone’s Open Network Bridge – now supporting video streams in H.265.

Easily share video streams

The Milestone Open Network Bridge enables frictionless communication between XProtect and other IP video surveillance products. Share video streams between different VMS systems and applications like analytics applications or with third-party stakeholders, and access and retrieve H.264 and H.265 video streams simultaneously.

Explore new opportunities

The Milestone Open Network Bridge lets you explore new opportunities and win business in projects with a pre-existing VMS. With this tool, you can easily integrate XProtect as an additional VMS to support existing projects. It also allows you to take responsibility for new parts of projects, like supplementary lines, buildings, or areas.

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Meeting your business needs today – and tomorrow 

A future-proof security system evolves as your business evolves. With Milestone, you know that you can always expand or change your installation, no matter what the future has in store.

Support for 450+ new devices

Since 2021 R1, we have added support for 450+ new devices, bringing the total of number supported devices to 10,813 offering unmatched flexibility to meet your ongoing business needs.

Here’s an overview of our latest device packs.

Device Pack 11.6
Release date: JUNE 24, 2021
  • Axis
  • Support for a wide array of new devices, including : 
    • New models from Axis (e.g. Q3819-PVE, Q6315-LE, V5938 and others).
    • Firmware v.10.6 which comes with support of Axis Object Analytics(AOA) with Centralized Search.  
  • Bosch
    • A few additional models from Bosch.
    • New firmware v.7.80, which is supposed to replace all the earlier versions that have recognized security vulnerabilities.
Device Pack 11.7
Release date: AUGUST 19, 2021
  • Axis
    • New models from the Axis thermal cameras series Q19.
    • Support for motion-based recording on the Axis S3008 recorder.
  • Bosch
    • We have extended the new generic Bosch driver to support the upcoming panoramic models from the new CPP14.2 platform.
    • We have also added support for the new firmware 7.81.
  • Hanwha
    • We have released 11 new models which includes new Q-Series.
    • Implemented the support for Parking Detection Event (parking guidance) for Hanwha Fisheye Cameras.
  • New event support for the ONVIFdriver:
    • For Pelco IBP532: (Audio Detection, ObjectCounting, Adaptive Motion; Object Removal, Directional Motion).
    • For Vicon (Intrusion, Line Cross,Loitering, Object detection, Tampering, Motion, Audio detection event).

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