Recording Server startup times

Work uninterrupted and get the job done faster with the our new Recording Server.


A Recording Server you can count on for continuous operation

Regardless of industry, everyone has come to expect reliable and available technology services 24/7.  Recording servers are no exception.  

Windows closing unexpectedly, incorrect system shutdown or simple accidents can lead to corrupted media files, containing  video, audio, metadata, and index information about the recorded data. Media files that were not written successfully to the disc are sometimes rendered useless, causing you to miss out on important data or evidence. XProtect is designed to automatically check for such issues by repairing corrupted files and rebuilding index information when necessary. However, repairing or rebuilding that data takes time where access to recordings might be limited.

Milestone’s Recording Server 2021 R2 focuses on increasing resilience and stability. It does that by minimizing the amount of data that needs to be rebuilt in case of an unexpected restart. This significantly speeds up the rebuild process, cuts downtime, and gets you back to work faster.

Product compatibility

Shorter start-up and repair time will be available in XProtect® Essential+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate

How can you benefit from a MORE STABLE Recording Server?

A more stable and resilient Recording Server means fewer service disruptions and a faster startup time, so you can focus on getting the job done quicker. XProtect Recording Server 2021 R2 reduces the risk of your media database having to be rebuilt, and speeds up the rebuild process when necessary.

Available for all XProtect products, XProtect Recording Server 2021 R2 is:


A highly stable Recording Server with a significantly lower risk of rebuild issues


Faster rebuild time means shorter downtime and a more continuous operation


Safeguard against Recording Server failures without any additional hardware

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Ready to leave long downtime behind?

Upgrade to XProtect 2021 R2 and start enjoying a more stable and resilient Recording Server today.

Upgrade to XProtect 2021 R2
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