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XProtect® Rapid REVIEW

Find what you’re looking for, fast!

Stop wasting time searching through hours and hours of recordings. With XProtect Rapid REVIEW you can speed up your investigations by quickly finding what you’re looking for!

XProtect Rapid REVIEW powered by BriefCam

XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an easy to use, advanced forensic analytics XProtect add-on software solution that enables rapid review, search and analysis of video recordings. No more countless hours behind a screen watching endless footage to locate that specific incident.

Seamlessly integrated into the XProtect® Smart Client, you can review hours of video in minutes, and pinpoint people and objects of interest immediately. And instantly turn that information into evidence, insights and action.

Accelerate investigations

Video footage often captures incidents that need to be investigated. It could be missing persons, vandalism, thefts, assaults, accidents, workplace injuries or harassment claims. Typically, manual forensic review of archived footage is time-consuming – the more the footage, the longer it takes.

XProtect Rapid REVIEW enables fast, and intelligent multi-camera searches based on an expanding suite of analytic search filters across multiple cameras so users can quickly find the evidence and information they need.

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