Freedom to do more with the Milestone XProtect Open Platform

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Product compatibility
Version 2022 R1 and later

Compatible with version 2022 R1 and later. Add-on license for XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+ and XProtect Expert. Add-on license included with XProtect Corporate.

Milestone XProtect®  video management software (VMS) is based on a true open platform that gives our technology partners the ability to take advantage of an innovation from the entire industry. Now, we are expanding the possibilities even further.

Milestone AI Bridge

The Milestone AI Bridge eases the integration of intelligent video analytics applications with XProtect. This enables you to analyze video intelligently and create valuable insights.

  • Easy deployment - Easily integrate and deploy AI and intelligent video analytics applications with XProtect

  • Greater choice - Extend your video surveillance system with intelligent video analytics designed for today and tomorrow’s needs

  • Better decision making - Analyze video intelligently and make decisions based on data-driven insights

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Freedom to add new technologies with the Milestone Integration Platform

The Milestone XProtect VMS has an open architecture that allows developers and Technology Partners to customize XProtect to meet your needs. As part of this architecture, the Milestone Integration Platform exposes a set of APIs for seamless integration of independent systems. This gives you access to a video surveillance system that creates the exact insights you need.

The Milestone Integration Platform VMS API is a new generation of our existing suite of APIs that was created to streamline the development process. Overall, it is based on industry standards and a modernized architecture and allows for robust and secure integrations that will meet your evolving needs.

Read more about our MIP APIs


Now supporting 11,000+ devices

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. And so is the number of our supported devices. We maintain the pace of adding 1000+ newly supported devices per year and now support more than 11,000 devices with our XProtect® video management software. This is a great milestone and we will keep up the pace together with our many Device Partners. Since 2021 R1, we have added support for 481 new devices and new firmware for 438 already-supported devices.

See what our latest Device Packs have to offer: 

Device Pack 11.8a
Release date: OCTOBER 28, 2021
  • First devices with more than 16 channels supported through the recently expanded ONVIF driver: Dahua NVR’s with 32, 64 and 128 ch.
  • Support for Vivotek’s “Driven by OSSA” camera: FD9392-EHTV-O
  • Support for new devices from Axis, Hanwha, and Bosch (Incl. additional models from the INTEOX – “Driven by OSSA” – series)
  • Support for Region of Interest (ROI) information for Intelligent Video Analytics events (line crossing, virtual area, loitering) for X-core series from Hanwha
Device Pack 11.9a
Release date: DECEMBER 16, 2021
  • Dynamicevents on ONVIF driver
    • Dynamically fetch pull-point events from the devices using the ONVIF driver. With an implementation similar to the one available for Axis and Bosch, there is no longer the need to hardcode the events mapping in the driver.
  • ONVIF Profile M support
    • As the first VMS, Milestone XProtect now supports the ONVIF Profile M. It is supported in XProtect Corporate, Expert and Professional +.
  • Support for new events (ONVIF):
    • Avigilon: Area Zoom
    • Vivotek: New VCA Events Parking violation Detect & Restricted Zone Detection
  • Support for new events:
    • Hanwha: Call Request; Tampering switch; DTMF
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