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Product compatibility
Version 2022 R1 and later

Compatible with version 2022 R1 and later. Add-on license for XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+ and XProtect Expert. Add-on license included with XProtect Corporate.

Working with XProtect keeps getting easier. This release presents a new enhanced export workflow in the XProtect® Smart Client, extended bookmarking functionality in XProtect® Mobile, and a refresh of the hardware information in the XProtect® Management Client.

Improved export workflow in XProtect Smart Client

No matter the size of your operations, incidents will take place regularly – and often you need to be able to document them quickly and efficiently. That’s why we are making exporting video evidence easier by improving the export workflow in the XProtect Smart Client.

Now, operators have access to a dedicated “Export tab” to create an easy-to-navigate interface and a more straightforward overview of the task at hand.

These seemingly small changes will make a big difference for the operator’s experience with XProtect.

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Flexible interaction

The dedicated export tab is designed to allow for a more flexible workflow. Instead of displaying the export dialog as a modal window, operators can now move in and out of the export workflow, switching between tabs while building the list of evidence to be exported.

Bigger preview

The preview of the selected video clips has been enlarged, giving the operator a better picture of what he is about to export.

More feedback to the operator

The enhanced export workflow provides the operator with simple feedback and/or instruction (also known as notification toasts) about the actions done to make the experience as easy as possible.

Less clutter

Frequently used export settings are easily accessible and less frequent settings are now grouped into a separate dialogue, putting the focus on what the operator needs the most.

Searchable bookmarks for remote users

To enrich the user experience and capabilities for web and mobile users, XProtect 2022 R1 extends the searchable bookmark functionality in XProtect Web Client and XProtect Mobile.

This update means users can now search by keyword in the bookmark’s description and headline or via the complete bookmark ID. They can also select which camera to apply to the search or complete custom interval searches to search in a specified time frame.

Know your hardware with just one click

Now, you can view all your hardware information with one click, thanks to a refresh of hardware information in the management client.

With this update you can view your firmware version, status information, and current capabilities. You can also see if there are any updates available, view previous updates, and see when devices were first added to your system. Instead of replacing hardware, you can refresh this information as often as needed from directly within the management client.

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