Upgrading the standards for streaming and viewing

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Product compatibility
Version 2022 R1 and later

Compatible with version 2022 R1 and later. Add-on license for XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+ and XProtect Expert. Add-on license included with XProtect Corporate.

A selection of features previously limited to XProtect® Expert and XProtect® Corporate are now made available in the latest versions of XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+ to boost the value. These new features mean better viewing and streaming and reduced server load.

New features include:

What are the features about?

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Optimize your XProtect® Smart Client with multi-live streaming

Our multi-live streaming feature optimizes the XProtect® Smart Client’s viewing performance according to available bandwidth and view layouts – an ideal solution for deployments with remote viewing. Operators can also define and use multiple streams from the same camera for live viewing purposes. It is especially beneficial when remote site viewing stations have various bandwidth and resolution requirements. In these situations, customers can use high-definition viewing streams at high-bandwidth sites and lower resolutions at low-bandwidth sites. Introducing a lower quality video stream can also increase scalability and efficiency by reducing load on CPU and lower network requirements.

Guarantee the appropriate stream resolution with adaptive streaming

With our adaptive streaming feature, users can automatically receive lower resolution streams when higher resolution is unnecessary. The result is reduced load on the Mobile Server and a more seamless experience.

With adaptive streaming users get a smoother and better user experience with less lagging and a reduced load on the Mobile Server.

Cut down on unnecessary hardware costs by using the video stream that fits your needs best.

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Stream live video directly to XProtect with direct streaming

Drastically reduce your mobile server load with our new direct streaming feature, which lets you stream live video directly to XProtect Mobile and the XProtect Web Client. This feature also eliminates the resource-heavy video transcoding in the Mobile Server. The mobile server has also been improved to handle more users and create a better viewing experience for mobile and web client users.

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